Fields of Poetry

I don't know how to love him
What to do, how to move him
I've been changed. Yes, really changed
In these past few days when I've seen myself
I seem like someone else . . .

Monday, April 25, 2011

Mission for Men

Recently I have introduced a potential admirer to my parents and ever since, my loving progenitors have admonished against the blarney he's likely to exploit. Given the social status and elitist background, I am vulnerable to ambitious men who may take advantage of my fortitude and hence the family assets that I am supposedly meant to inherit in the future. 

One of my father's warning echoed in my head so much that I actually found it lateral to a 2010 remake of the movie Arthur, starring Russell Brand. The warning was this:

"It is easier for a woman to adapt to wealth than it is for a man."

I suppose it would be easier for a woman largely due to societal expectation that the man should provide and for the woman to procreate. In the movie, despite his inadequacy, Russell still manages to save Greta Gerwig's dream of becoming a writer for children. Should the situation change and it's Greta saving Russell from poverty, it is quite unappealing and mediocre of the man to be depending on the woman.

Still! Haven't there been several tales of peasant boys becoming kings? Look at King David. Wasn't he a mere shepherd boy with a slingshot? 

With all due respect, I wish to keep the relationship going with the hope that this potential admirer will become my own King David. I pray earnestly that my wish will be granted of me. Should God bless the boy, two years my junior, I will forever serve in goodness and just leadership. 

I will do God honor in exchange for this boy. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

On Optimism II

Optimism is a practice of tolerance and silent obedience. Optimism is a practice of discipline and perception. A lot of misconception about optimism leads people to view the practice, erratically, distorting the essence of the word. In my observation, the misconception is largely due to a foible that which flaccid and flimsy individuals wish to eradicate in the guise of rationalization. 

I say that optimism is a practice of tolerance for the reason that it does not judge or dismiss a person's character or behavior. While allowing a destructive mannerism to continue, the practice encourages the person to pursue his/her personal interest with acute prognosis. It brings to mind a lot of the discipline of martial arts which involves blindfolding: the trainees learn to defend and attack their opponents, implementing an amelioration of prodigious sagacity.

With brilliant percipience acquired through tolerance, optimism capacitates silent obedience. This is not to say that the person blindly follows whatever courses he/she is lead into; rather, obedience in the sense that a timely assessment is accrued. Going back to the analogy of trainees in martial arts, the trainees gauge their opponent's activities: what upsets them, their weaknesses and strength. In calculating their opponent, they can predict which form of attacks or defenses can protect them from a major damage. They obey their opponent's advances and respond accordingly.

The habit of tolerance and silent obedience depends on a set of discipline: less talk, cautious advance and more thinking. Thinking requires perception; a basic understanding of psychology or behavioral pattern: Why, How, When, and Where? 

  • Why is my opponent attacking?
  • How is my opponent attacking?
  • When is my opponent attacking?
  • Where is my opponent going to attack?
Just asking themselves those questions during a confrontation can prevent trainees from dissipating, consistently focused on their personal goals and worldly missions. 

Unfortunately, humans have that nasty habit of nitpicking, looking for a viable scapegoat to justify their ugly responses to one another. Most writers, having understood the human tendency to blame, would advocate that behavior by writing books on Optimism. Books and articles with titles such as Energy Vampires, How to Deal with Negative People, Being Positive etc., flood the internet and the literal world which only lubricates the underlying cultivation of Optimism.

Is it your fault that you're treated like a venting machine? a punching bag? an animal?

“No! It’s NOT YOUr fault! IT’S THE(M)IR FAULT and this is how you handle them.”

The message above is the primary axiom that attract perverse thinking or victim mentality, if you will. Ask yourself when you read these books and articles. Are you really a victim or are you chicken?