Fields of Poetry

I don't know how to love him
What to do, how to move him
I've been changed. Yes, really changed
In these past few days when I've seen myself
I seem like someone else . . .

Monday, April 25, 2011

Mission for Men

Recently I have introduced a potential admirer to my parents and ever since, my loving progenitors have admonished against the blarney he's likely to exploit. Given the social status and elitist background, I am vulnerable to ambitious men who may take advantage of my fortitude and hence the family assets that I am supposedly meant to inherit in the future. 

One of my father's warning echoed in my head so much that I actually found it lateral to a 2010 remake of the movie Arthur, starring Russell Brand. The warning was this:

"It is easier for a woman to adapt to wealth than it is for a man."

I suppose it would be easier for a woman largely due to societal expectation that the man should provide and for the woman to procreate. In the movie, despite his inadequacy, Russell still manages to save Greta Gerwig's dream of becoming a writer for children. Should the situation change and it's Greta saving Russell from poverty, it is quite unappealing and mediocre of the man to be depending on the woman.

Still! Haven't there been several tales of peasant boys becoming kings? Look at King David. Wasn't he a mere shepherd boy with a slingshot? 

With all due respect, I wish to keep the relationship going with the hope that this potential admirer will become my own King David. I pray earnestly that my wish will be granted of me. Should God bless the boy, two years my junior, I will forever serve in goodness and just leadership. 

I will do God honor in exchange for this boy. 

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