Fields of Poetry

I don't know how to love him
What to do, how to move him
I've been changed. Yes, really changed
In these past few days when I've seen myself
I seem like someone else . . .

Monday, January 24, 2011


Hi! I am open for paid commissions! Please make a payment before commissions via paypal. I am very flexible with the style; from anime to western comics to realism so if you can clearly instruct your request in your mail, there should be no problem.

To see what kind of work I do, please send an email addressed to:

Type, 'Commission: Sample Work' as your subject title and state the style preferred. I will send you my portfolio in zip format. If you like the samples, you can go ahead and send me another email detailing your commission.  

Once you've sent me your request, I will do a rough sketch and once you've approved, you must proceed with the payment. After the payment, I will complete your request.

Take a gander at the Menu below and you do the computation:

Digitized Format
Paper size: 8 x 11.5 
300 dpi
CMYK Mode (for printing)

For the Sketch Art, NO preliminary sketches are given
Sketch Art

  • Character Only: 5 $ 60 ₱
  • Character with simple background: 10$ 120₱

Line Art

  • Character Only: 10 $ 120 ₱
  • Character with simple background: 20$ 140₱

Colored Art

  • 1 Character with background 30 $ 360₱

Additional Information

  • 10 $ for Character Busts/ Heads Only (full color) 
  • 10 $ for every additional characters 
  • Give me a week to work on your commission after the transaction

Paper size larger than 8 x 11.5 will automatically be worth 50$ (600₱). 

Looking forward to working with you!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mind Control

For the past several months I've been searching online for a way to control my mind. Receptive to every form of negative radiation be it in words, chemical messages, body language, frequencies or aura I am easily affected and the disturbance disrupts daily productivity.

Strangely enough I never knew I've had this problem during college or way before that. It was only after college that I realized my own weakness: I don't know how to block my mind from the emf that the world emits, daily. Due to the depression and angst that swelled within my mind I'd often find myself tempted by the idea of suicide, which is direly mortifying.

I've found a couple of self-help guides that are quite interesting, but I really wish I could control my mind without relying on some object!

Having learned that crystals could protect you from negative energies on the outside world or energies coming from mechanical devices such as a cellphone, television, radio, computers and cars, I took a small bust of a horse which I believed to be made of pure crystal and placed it in my pocket for a whole day. I was so convinced that it worked that I even placed it under my pillow, hoping to sleep deep without developing horrible visions (I get nightmares a lot more often than ordinary people ).

The following morning, which is this morning, I told my mother about it and the shock I got was disappointing. The bust of the horse that I mistook for crystal is actually made of lead crystal!

"It's all in your mind!" my mother laughed. I smirked.
"Not really," I tried to shake off that bitterness clambering from my chest, "I did drink two glasses of white wine so it's all good!" I shrugged.

And, yeah. It is true! I did drink two glasses of white wine before going to bed. I was sort of doubting the powers of the crystal so I set up a plan B. If plan A is proven false, then plan B must have worked. That's how I roll.

So wine and other alcohol helps you to sleep deep. Is there a better alternative? And what about during the day? I really wish I knew a monk who could help me to meditate.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Axis Powers Hetalia: Filipino Boy

Hetalia: Filipino Boy by ~rhythmicStars on deviantART

Do you know Hetalia? It's an anime about the Axis Powers: United States, Japan, China, Germany, UK, France and Italy. 

They haven't shown the Philippines so I decided to make one up. I think it's funny!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I know I'll find my place . . .

Date: January 17, 2011
Time: 12:46 am
Location: Sister's Room

Ah, internet! It took me quite some time to realize that it being a public space, people can easily take advantage of personal information against your best interest. I used to just post whatever comes to mind since, hey! Who's gonna read it? Surprisingly, there are lot more people out there who wants to connect with people to spice up their lives.

There's nothing wrong with exposing yourself to people, really. The only problem is understanding their nature and being able to deal with it. Because you see, words, when used properly, can unite people. When used properly, words can also cause a dissenting opinion.  There's no way out of it. No matter how sincere you are, no matter how innocent you are there are cynics who would condemn you for even uttering a word.

I wrote this entry to say that I will refrain from writing my journals from here on, but I don't want to be a 13 year old drama queen. So, instead I leave you with this poem:


Jejuné, jejuné, hear the seagulls cry
Come to me, come to me
sing my lullaby

In the morning sun rise
seeped with pleasant rays
earthly fragrance tang nice
bless the coming days

In the noon the calmly
clicks on supple tools
brings a supper, fancy
cheese and wine and fruits

Jejuné, jejuné, hear the seagulls cry
Come to me, come to me
sing my lullaby

When the stars are shining;
moon and sky's gone dark
please don't try to find me
I will rest my heart.

I will rest my soul
Weary eyes to close

wait a year of slumber
in the raging sea
we will be together
once I've come to be

Jejuné, jejuné, hear the seagulls cry
Come to me, come to me
sing my lullaby . . .

Pmel/Phamiel ©

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sleepless Nights

Medical Beat

The night I ditched the sleeping pills          
and stalked the flickering green corridor 
I felt the air blow a curdling chill     
and there it appeared as a condor.
Perched amply on a wing chair    
its chin resting upon its clavicle         
with a physiognomy bane and bare           
I pondered at the beastly barnacle:            
A carnivorous kite of sheer madness      
with hunger no man has yet discerned -- 
with blood it rivets neurosis,                     
holding captive the eidolons.       

And so to it made I a simple oath
That I shall come to it before I go.

Revised Version 2011©

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Something Cute and Cheesy