Fields of Poetry

I don't know how to love him
What to do, how to move him
I've been changed. Yes, really changed
In these past few days when I've seen myself
I seem like someone else . . .

Wednesday, November 12, 2008



When the hens turn blind at sundown

and they roost high above them trees,

the orange moon gleams

on the navy blue

peering through the woven curtains;

with haste, the young girl’s heart beat would quicken

as she cover the mirrors in her room

with cloths of red,

not a shard of it showing

‘lest the sealed evil spirit come loose.

Yes, she fear the mirrors each night, all night,

dreading to meet her vengeful twin,

who’d scream in her dreams

with all her spite

gurgling of blood and mites;

the inimical side of Beauty.


Author: Pmel Oki
Author's Bio/Notes:

Eisoptrophobia is a medical term for fear of mirrors.

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